Rigorous Corporate Framework

As a regulated life company, Mobius Life has a rigorous corporate governance framework overseen by the board of directors.

The governance committee monitors the following:

  • the safeguarding of assets
  • the operation of adequate systems
  • control processes
  • the preparation of accurate financial reporting and statements

The governance committee membership consists of appropriate group executive directors, non-executive directors, and external audit representatives.

We commission BDO LLP to conduct an independent audit to test our compliance with the AAF 01/06 internal control framework principles. Our annual company audit is performed by Mazars. Both audits conduct detailed sample testing across all aspects of the investment platform, with particular emphasis on the investment administration function.

Our compliance team is responsible for providing further assurance on internal controls to the governance committee through the compliance monitoring programme. The programme reviews and tests the procedures operating across our business.

Our robust governance framework ensures the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Stewardship Code

Please click here to access Mobius Life's statement regarding its commitment to the UK stewardship code.

The Mobius Life Governance Advisory Arrangement (MLGAA)

Please click here to access the statement for the year ending 31 March 2018.