Mobius Life Limited

Mobius Life is an authorised unit-linked UK life insurance company. We are an independently owned business committed to helping UK institutional pension schemes and asset managers implement their investment strategies, and meet their investment objectives.

We offer clients access to an investment platform operating within a life company structure, supported by a wide range of investment services. Uniquely, we do not represent proprietary funds and therefore avoid conflicts of interest associated with proprietary fund providers.

Our services include investment administration, creation of blended and white-labelled funds, trigger monitoring, transition management and pension scheme reporting. Working closely with our clients, we create tailored investment solutions to fit their unique requirements.

Trustees of UK pension schemes choose our investment platform to consolidate their assets, and access a broad range of funds in a highly governed structure.

Consultants and advisers use our investment platform to focus on investment advice rather than implementation issues.

Asset managers utilise our life company licence to create tax-efficient life-wrapped funds, which are attractive to UK pension schemes.

Life insurance companies employ our investment administration services to reduce their operational and governance overheads.